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The Facebook Post That Saved A Woman’s Life


The information age gets a lot of bad press. As a social media-marketing agency, we know this better than most. In an era of email, text messages, Facebook and Twitter, this addiction to technology is supposedly making us less efficient, and less intelligent…

Many have stated that this quick and easy way of learning about everything from our friends’ whereabouts to current affairs may be eroding our ability to think, which is why when a positive news story concerning social media appears, it’s worth remembering just what an important tool this plays in modern life.

Her name is Laura Everley and she was suffering from bloating, lower back pain and constipation for three months as well needing to urinate very regularly.

Laura had previously suffered from IBS and endometriosis so had attributed these symptoms down to those conditions. But it was only after seeing a Facebook post on her timeline that she decided to explore further.

‘A friend had shared a post from a friend of theirs about her experiences of cancer and what she’d been through. There was a list of symptoms and I realised I had them all,’ said the mother of one.

Laura’s premonitions were confirmed in October 2014 after doctors at East Surrey hospital diagnosed her with cell carcinoma (a type of ovarian cancer) not long after reading the post.

After multiple tests, doctors performed a hysterectomy to remove the young mums uterus and ovaries, in which Laura describes a heart-breaking decision to make.

‘It was difficult but I decided on the full hysterectomy – I didn’t want my cancer coming back. I already had Harry, but I would have liked to have had more children,’ she said.

Laura is now nearing the end of chemotherapy and is hoping this story raises awareness about the symptoms of this disease in order to help those suffering from the same symptoms.

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