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Why Twitter’s New Search Experience Is Great News For Businesses


If you’re not already using Twitter in order to market your business because you’re unaware of its potential benefits – shame on us. If you still aren’t planning on using Twitter in order to market your business after reading this blog – then shame on you.

As businesses all over the world try to reap the rewards that social media has to offer, the online networking service is currently experimenting with a new search interface that makes things that much more simpler. The new look Twitter has tabs for top, live, accounts, photos and videos. It also features tweets according to popularity, while ‘all tweets’ are done chronologically.

As well as this, it’s showcasing trending topics under the search page on its mobile apps. This means you’ll be able to see all your ‘Tailored Trends’ alongside a short description of each, so you’re more engaged with what’s happening right now.

The new layout gives the user much more control in terms of who you want to target or see information from. This is perfect for businesses because every market has a demographic of customers it want to reach and these new updates will allow you connect with big influencers – those who carry weight in your industry and your target audience that much more effectively.

Networking is without doubt Twitter’s biggest asset. It’s a gigantic community of ideas and information, as well as it being a fabulous place to show off what makes your business different and stand out from the rest.

These new features that enable a greater level of search experience are being rolled out gradually and the company is working in partnership with Google to incorporate the full Twitter firehose in Google’s search results.

Twitter only recently updated its new Advanced Search in 2014, which meant finely tuning results by factors such as location, sentiment and specific time periods and words. So you can see why everybody is telling you to ‘get on Twitter’.

Make sure you have a presence on this popular social network!

Photo Source: By Garrett Heath (Twitter Buttons at OSCON) [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

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