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The Five Types of Facebook Fans.

Got a new product you want to market on social media? Want to expand your online reach further? Facebook can provide the tools in which to successfully promote and market your item. According to Ragan there are five common types of Facebook Fan.  If you market in the right way, then the market will grow itself as word of mouth spreads.

The most important thing is to keep your customers hooked.

Potential Customers

This is the most common type of Facebook fan. As word of mouth spreads, you will likely pick up. To keep potential customers interested in your product you have to keep refreshing the material. People will not keep returning if they see the same items on the front page so keep it fresh, colourful and lively. Try introducing something that the customer can interact with, for instance fellow customers writing reviews of the item you sell gives your business the best opportunity to get free endorsements from people that matter. People are more likely to buy an item if someone just like them is recommending it.

Friends or Employees

Friends and employees are great. They are vital for your business and they provide a free opportunity to do some advertising. However you have to be careful. Many in this category feel that once they click the like button then they are done and while the numbers of people that your social media is engaging with may continue to rise, they are not participating. So what you need to do is find a way of engaging them!  Try offering special offers to employees or rewards for friends, if done right you can turn your employees into your most loyal customers.

Sweepstake Players

Those that like the page due to the fact that you were advertising a competition or exclusive offer. These people are easy to please and to keep. Keep running the competitions and as one ends start to talk about the next one. People will obviously be excited about this and it can provide lots of free marketing for your product. Simple!

Happy Campers

These are the customer who are consistently happy about your product and wants to interact with you regularly. We want to have as many of these as possible. Best way to keep them is to keep the conversation flowing and keep it interesting. You may find this repetitive but these groups do still share common traits. So everything that applies to a potential customer applies to happy campers because a happy camper is also a potential customer for another product that you might be selling. Keep them sweet.

Fair Weather Friends

Last but not least is the Fair Weather Friend. Don’t we just hate these guys when it comes to personal relationships? Well the same principle apply in business . These are the guys that may love your service but they are unwilling to shout about it. Keep things open, if they express issues about your product then you tackle them head on. A Fair Weather Friends that gets great customer service may turn into a Happy Camper providing great publicity for you in the long run.

The most important thing to understand when dealing with all these groups is that they are all potential customers. Treat them nicely, and try and use an eclectic mix of all the things that I suggest and you will have customers that love your product, input where its needed and provide you with the opportunity to expand.

Happy Networking Guys

Tim Sykes

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