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This Year’s Most Disturbing Halloween Hashtag


Halloween can be a scary time. Not because small people knock on your door covered in blood and threaten you for sweets – for some reason we’ve long come to accept that practice as commonplace. What we mean is that it can be a scary time in the world of social media.

Year after year around this time the world of social media can begin to take a darker turn. Many businesses try their utmost to take advantage of the holiday to up their marketing efforts – and why shouldn’t they. It’s the perfect opportunity to showcase the lighter, fun side of your brand both in the real world and in the digital – in fact, if you’re wondering how to do that here is a little guide we put together. But sometimes these can go awry.

When these marketing efforts go slightly askew it can lead to some strange conversations on social media. And those strange conversations can lead to some very bizarre hashtags. This year one hashtag in particular takes the biscuit…


Yes, that is correct. This whopper of a hashtag is thanks to the whopper – Burger King’s Halloween Whopper to be precise. At first glance their spooky burger is much the same as a normal whopper except it has a black bun – but it also has another little known effect. It turns out that thanks to the food colouring used in the buns production it also turns the consumer’s excretions a shockingly bright shade of green. According to Burger King’s nutritional information it’s completely natural – so, you know, that’s good.

So this year’s most unflattering hashtag is thanks to Burger King and the twitter users who will happily over-share for a retweet. Thanks guys.

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