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Introducing The Viral Button – Viral Social Media at Your Fingertips

Giraffe Social Media Introducing The Viral Button
Want the whole world to see and share your social media campaigns but just don’t know where to start? Time to hit The Viral Button.

Are you tired of creating fabulous social media content that you’re certain is guaranteed to go viral, only to notice later that it hasn’t gone viral at all? You’re not alone. Making stuff go viral is one of the biggest challenges of the twenty-first century, right up there with getting an old key on a brand new keyring immediately after trimming your fingernails.

Independent research suggests that over 98% of social media users don’t understand why things go viral at all. The same independent study revealed that a shocking 87% of so-called social media experts don’t understand or practice Virality. They would much rather choose to believe that it is impossible to guarantee a campaign will go viral.

The truth is out – Virality is easier than you think

Making things go viral, or the practice of Virality, is actually a far simpler concept than initially thought. It’s a process that has been used by all of the most successful viral marketing campaigns of the past decade. While they might seem simple, at the heart of them all has been one very similar piece of code.

We can’t go into the intricacies because our patent is still pending, but Virality is basically a process that uses a highly intelligent and reactive algorithm alongside simple concepts.

These simple concepts are things that social media managers have been dabbling in for years – for example, audience insights, engagement rates on posts and prominent network activity times. The top secret algorithm understands the fundamentals of how these concepts are intrinsically linked, and is able to essentially provide mega-optimisation as a result.

We’ve simply put this algorithm into a playful plug-and-play platform. So now it really is as simple as the push of a button.

Why we created The Viral Button

We created the viral button because we understand the pressure of being asked to make something go viral and having no idea where to start. We also think it’s unfair that the art of Virality be reserved for the privileged few.

Clearly, you don’t want everything to go viral because that could be detrimental to your brand in the long run – just your very best campaigns, maybe once every couple of years. It’s also important that we stress that we are unable to take any responsibility for the ramifications, positive or negative, of viral social media campaigns as a result of use of The Viral Button, whether intentional or accidental.

Interested? Keep your eyes on our Facebook and Twitter pages for the latest production and release date updates.

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