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What is Social Media Management?


Social media is here to stay, or that’s the way it looks for the foreseeable future at least, and we believe that this should be considered a ‘good thing’.

I mean can you remember any other time in history when businesses would have been able to reach out and regularly engage this many potential brand advocates and new customers as quickly as we are able to today?! We can’t! And that’s amazing really! Hundreds of thousands of people that want to talk to and find out more about us are for the (first time ever) just a mouse click away and all they ask in return, is that we don’t bore them with mundane, endless drivel… it seems pretty fair deal.

Enrich your users timelines with topical, current and relevant content

Great social media management is about so much more than just ‘getting your posts away’, you should aim to enrich your users timelines with topical, current and relevant content to give yourself the best chance of driving traffic to your website. That means more than just posting a funny picture here or promoting your 25% off deal there; it requires you to put the focus back on providing resources to your users when they need them the most.

Aside from post volumes and content strategies, you should also think about processes and time management. Social media today is a full time role (we covered that in an earlier blog) so ensuring that you have allocated time for managing your social networks and carrying out any outreach work is essential. Don’t just post content, post it in the right place, at the right time and to the right audience. Then promote it, respond to users and incite discussion about your content! Every piece should have legs and you are never just ‘posting for the sake of it’.

Have you thought about negative sentiment? 

And the importance of having a process in place to deal with anyone leaving derogatory or unfavourable remarks and comments on your networks? This again is so important and any Social agency worth their salt will have processes in place for themselves and clients to tackle issues just like these, yet so often you see it completely overlooked.

In summary, social media management is about so much more today than just ‘posting, there’s your content, audiences, outreach, promotion, processes etc. to consider; and the list is getting longer – for good reason too. The quality of our social media has risen and as more and more companies, individuals and communities start using it to get their respective word out, the need for a higher quality of social media management is required, especially in business.

Differentiation is the key here and there are no ‘shortcut’ to success

You need to work with an agency that has your best interests at heart and one that has taken the time to understand you, your audience and how you want to represented online. Only when you have a rounded solution that compliments your content strategy and adds value to your digital marketing will you start to bear the fruits of your labour, so working with someone that has proven success in these areas is imperative.

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