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What is the Best Alternative to Google Chrome?

When it comes to web browsers, the world appears to be Chrome crazy. But believe it or not, you can find an alternative to Google Chrome – and not just for Mac users… 

Internet Explorer

Old faithful, there are certainly a few of us who once referred to Internet explorer as “the Internet”. Although not particularly favoured, Internet Explorer may be the answer to more screen space, less browser. The browser frame ‘makes any website shine’ which has been designed with navigation in mind with larger buttons, single menu and simplified controls. The browser appears to do its utmost to keep you in control of your privacy. Like a bodyguard, users have the choice to use tracking protection to obstruct third party websites from viewing their personal data. The Smart Screen filter tool also alerts you about illegitimate websites and potential phishing.


According to their website, Safari offers Apple Mac users the chance to ‘browse the web in smarter, more powerful ways’. Expect nothing less than a beautifully sleek designed interface for easy management of tabs and smoother scrolling whilst browsing. With improved hardware acceleration, Safari has the potential to over power other web browsers with its rich graphics point of view and refined page views that load at blazing speed. Safari puts up a fight as a stress free outlet with built in sharing where you don’t have to leave the web page to share content with your mail, messages or social media platforms. The advanced features for Safari include smarter searches for finding web pages quickly using the unified search field, which suggests what you are looking as you type.


It appears that Mozilla Firefox has upped their game with recent updates to the browsers interface. Staying in sync with the nations love for social media, Firefox have added a new swanky apps ‘add-on’ tab to the tab bar to make home for your favourite websites for constant access to sites you permanently have open. Adding to the slick and super speedy user friendly web browsing experience, Firefox have also got customization down. This is the reason why Firefox have made it possible for users to fully customize their browser with various elements of the browser from its appearance with decorative ‘themes’ to adding extensions such as Facebook and Twitter integration; perfect for those who are eagle eyed for personalization.

The ability to give the user the power to make changes to the web browser themselves whilst giving a varying degree of creative interactivity is one of the critical factors that flies in the face of Internet Explorer and Safari. As for Firefox’s performance, take comfort in knowing that the two key things you probably look out for whilst browsing the web, rapid graphics rendering and remarkably quick page load times will not let you down.

With all these contributing factors to Firefox’s appeal, Mozilla Firefox have definitely fought their way through, naturally winning the fight and beating Internet explorer and Safari by a mile. It’s a tough one but which one would you rank as the best alternative to Google Chrome?

– Lisa Van (@lisadrivesavan), Social Media Content Assistant

Edited: June 2020

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