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Beat the Reach – Facebook Organic Reach figures plummet


So, the inevitable news is out. Facebook’s organic reach figures have plummeted in the past few months. For those of you unaware of what ‘organic reach’ is, it is basically the number of people your pages can reach from people who have seen, liked or shared your post, without the need for paid advertising. It is a brilliant concept for small businesses that are starting out and don’t have the right kind of finance to invest in large advertising spaces on Facebook. However, it is just these businesses who are suffering the most. So how can you make the most of free advertisement without facing the consequences?

SEO (to put it simply). Make the most of the Internet, not just Facebook. Have a little look at one of our recent posts on how Google+ is great for SEO. It is all about using the search terms that are both popular and significant, and connecting all of your online media so that no matter where a customer ends up, they can be led straight back to the ‘hub’ of your business.

Don’t let your company suffer. Of course, it is perfectly understandable that if you want great online coverage, you will pay through the nose to get it, but when social media is free, and will hopefully remain free, why can’t you make the most of this asset? Don’t continuously stick to the basics; competition postings, sharing a picture related to your business and so on, go for the gold! Create a viral campaign; engage with your customers in a unique way, the weirder, the more wonderful. Compare the meerkat didn’t come from one stupid thought, it was all related to finding a cheap domain name, although it still worked as a crazy idea too. The cheap domain name and unique advert drove people to the ‘compare the meerkat’ site, which then led them to compare the market. Although buying the domain would have cost money, the unusually named site meant it was a cheaper investment than basic social media advertising.

In conclusion, don’t let your company get trampled by the heavily financed corporations. Think outside the box and let your online creativity flow, and let that flow from one hyperlink to your website! Convergence is key.

By Content Manager – Astrid Hall – @AstridGiraffeSM

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