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How and Why Google+ is great for SEO


Firstly, let’s just quickly establish what SEO actually is. It stands for Search Engine Optimisation. In a nutshell, it is making the most of search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Firefox and so on, to allow for high levels of traffic on your site. Whether it be a blog, social media profile or company website, it’s all relevant.

Google’s own social networking page, ‘Google +’ has become the second largest social networking site since its launch in 2011, only beaten by the mighty Facebook. However they insist it is more than just social networking, but a platform to bring people together within the context of the many services Google has to offer. But the big question is, how does it help boost SEO for yourself or your business?

The geniuses that built Google+ made sure their search results would overpower any other social networking platforms. Therefore if a search is made – such as your name – your Google+ profile will be above any other active site in your name, such as Facebook and Twitter, so it doesn’t depend on which one you use most or what has the most information.

However, this does not mean your other profiles will necessarily have fewer views or be less active. The advantage of Google+ is that you can include embedded links to all your other profiles on the web. Therefore with the use of Google+, search results are optimised and therefore the traffic on your sites is likely to increase.

Similarly, by adding your Google+ page as a link on your other sites, it will make it easier for the search engine to associate your website to your Google+ profile.

Another reason Google+ acts as the king of search results is because they wisely choose descriptive title tags. This is a key tool when compared to Facebook and Twitter, who simply use opening lines of an update for their search results. But Google makes sure they have the specific topic words that people will be looking for, for example, the description of your business.

Google’s sneaky tactics for optimising search results by linking to peoples Google+ profiles benefits in other ways. As we have established, in search results, Google will prioritise links to Google+ profiles, so if you have one, but your competitor doesn’t, then expect yourself to rank on top even if you are a smaller business.

Clearly, as the worlds most popular search engine, Google will rank Google+ profiles higher than any other social network. But as explained, this also holds advantages for your other pages, all through links. Most importantly, make sure your Google+ profile has lots of informative content, looks appealing and uses plenty of key words to optimise results.

By Content Assistant – Alice Hughes – @aliceeehughes

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