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Can Vine be Used for Business?

What?! I’ve only just started using Facebook for business! What is Vine?!

I’m assuming that’s probably what you’re thinking after reading that title. Well, I know in among you lot there are those who are eager to use every free tool they can to promote their business. Vine is new, it’s fresh and people are loving it.  So we wanted to have a quick look at some of the ways that Vine is being used successfully for business already!

Invite Audience Participation

Do you sell a product? Why not invite customers to make 6 second videos of your product.  Introduce a hashtag that will go with each video so that people can see all your product videos in one place.


Start building a collection of 6 second customer testimonials on Vine, this is a querky way to utilise a popular new tool while spreading the good word of your customer satisfaction.


One of the first recurring types of video that could be found on Vine were cookery lessons.  Showing viewers how to make meals in 6 seconds.  You could be using Vine to how-to videos for your product.  Or if you do a service, then why not post 6 second videos that show your customers how to do some of it themselves.

Teaser Videos

Before the first official trailer for a movie is released, they will almost always release a teaser trailer that is only 30 seconds or so long.  Why not do this for new product or service releases?  Little 6 second teaser videos.

Hopefully this post has inspired you to sign up for Vine and try a few of these ideas out!  Are you using it already? How successful is it proving? Let us know!


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