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Take this Test: How Good is your Website’s SEO?


Some people look at SEO as the dark arts of content marketing. While it is certainly a constantly evolving art that requires a certain amount of professional expertise, there are some great tools out there which can help you decipher the sort of steps you should take to help optimise your website – and this is one of our favourites… 

Do you do your own SEO? Or are you just trying to do a few things to improve how you appear in search results? A lot of people are trying to do their own SEO these days, as the topic becomes more widely understood and recognised. However, it is a difficult art that can often be over simplified by books and online guides.

The truth is, SEO is a constantly evolving art which is often best left to professionals. However, you can definitely achieve a fair amount of success by taking some good steps. To guide you through how to help your website appear higher in Google we have found a great website.

This brilliant free tool we’ve discovered takes a look at your website and analyses what you’re doing well and what you’re doing poorly. It then creates action points for you to take to make sure your website is not only well geared for search engines, but also it makes sure your website is just generally well marketed.

You can find the website here:

It is a tool from a company called HubSpot – and we love it. So hats off to them for creating such a brilliant and user friendly tool. If you are looking for simple (and free!) pointers to help you get towards SEO greatness.

Good luck!

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