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Book Review: Outsmarting Social Media


Outsmarting Social Media: Profiting in the Age of Friendship Marketing
By Evan Bailyn

We are big fans of Evan Bailyn’s work ever since we read his first book; Outsmarting Google – a book that will turn you from an SEO novice to SEO wizard. His style of writing is excellent, he takes subjects that could be boring and complicated, and he makes them interesting and highly readable. He does this by using great analogies, that make all of what he is saying come together succinctly.

Outsmarting Social Media is not going to teach you all of the techniques and knowledge you need to use social media for your business and have instant success. Instead, the book acts as a crystal ball into the future of how social media is going to shape our businesses and their marketing attempts. He explains new technologies and marketing methodologies that are only now starting to be implemented.

This book is not right for a beginner, nor is it right for someone who is looking for a tips and techniques book that will walk you through how to run your business’ social media. But, it is an extremely good book and if you already have some knowledge of the world of social media. If this is you we think you will find it highly interesting and informative.

Our verdict: perfect for the Social Marketing professional who is looking for a fresh perspective on where the industry is going. It will certainly help broaden your already working knowledge – it did so for us!

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