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What is Soundcloud?


Soundcloud is pretty widely known these days and has become a bit of a household name. It is a website that allows unsigned artists to distribute their music online, on a platform where people are looking for new music. It’s a website that was started in Sweden, but was officially established in Berlin, Germany in August 2007.

So let’s take a look at the main features and benefits of being a part of the Soundcloud community.

Uploading Your Own Tunes

Are you a musician or vocal artist? Well, Soundcloud allows you to upload your own music to the site, making it accessible by other musicians and visitors to the site. This will hopefully allow you to achieve a much higher level of visibility for your work!

Social Sharing

All songs are easily share-able to other major social networks like Facebook and Twitter. This means that you can draw more people to your Soundcloud page by talking about it across all your social platforms.

Widgets For Websites/Blogs

Soundcloud allows you to place a widget on your own personal website or blog, meaning that visitors to your site can listen to your music whilst actually on your site! Great.


People are allowed to comment on your songs, and when they do it comes up with what moment of the song they are talking about.  This is perfect if you’re using the site as a way of getting some constructive feedback.

So as you can see, the site is made for musicians and is an excellent tool for getting the opinions of other musicians, as well as giving your songs a lot more visibility.

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