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The Most Important Social Media Lesson: Content Is King


Since Bill Gates wowed the world with ‘content is king’ in 1996, it’s only recently with the #digitalboom that businesses are noticing the importance of strong content as a winning social media strategy. Good content evolves your target audience. They want significant information, continuing discussions and helpful guidance. So, with over 100,000,000,000 websites, how can you make yours king?

It’s hardly difficult to understand why content is so important for an adamantine social media strategy. In order to get the best from your strategy, there are a few guidelines you should be aware of as you produce new content…


Remember who you want to connect to and what your aim is. You probably want to connect and use your target audience to help you achieve brand dominance out on the Internet. The only way to do this, as cliché as it sounds, is to address the needs of your audience through supply and demand. They obviously follow your company for a reason.


Social media is fast, it’s about forming relationships with people you wouldn’t have access to in reality. It’s a fast moving stream with content thrown at followers every minute. One piece of content or a day of interacting with your followers on one medium, say twitter, is just as good. Delivering high quality content brings high quality responses because you’re able to interact and communicate regularly and essentially build a long lasting relationship with a consumer.


Nobody likes adverts or promotions in their social stream; people block them out and skip over to what Alan Sugar had for breakfast. Draw in that crowd by pushing through your own personality. Everything in reality is based on personality, why can’t it be the same for the WWW? As a business, you connect to people, NOT a computer. For us, personality is the crown on the content King.

Whatever you are trying to achieve, stick to these guidelines and you will soon discover why Content is King!

– By Meera Patel (@MeeraPatel18) Social Media Content Assistant

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