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Content Curation Versus Content Creation

Content is a vital part of your marketing strategy and can help you achieve your social media goals. There are lots of different types of content in the social media world, from Facebook posts, to tweets, to Stories on Snapchat and six hundred-word articles on your website’s blog. These all help in aiding your social media journey.

However, there has always been a debate between curated and created content, and which one works better for a brand. Firstly, you must know the difference and see what works best for you.

What’s the Difference?

Created content is exactly what it says it is – created. This kind of content is original and produced by the brand or company themselves. It’s essentially content that the producer owns and can do whatever they like with it.

On the other hand, curated content is content you share from external sources. It’s articles you share links from on your Facebook page or quotes from others that you tweet about. Curated content is normally relevant to the brand’s industry and helps establish communications between companies in the same sectors. Created content is self-promotional, while curated promotes in a different way.

Created Content – Pros and Cons

There are certainly pros and cons to both types of content. For example, created content helps SEO as Google is known to prefer high quality, original content, over shared pieces. Google favours those that share information first, so brands that write their own articles will likely rank higher in search engines.

Created content also aids brand recognition and adds value to the company – it demonstrates you as a thought leader and expert in your field. Created content is unique and boosts credibility, often putting you ahead of your competition. Original pieces create relationships with your audience and help to drive traffic to your website. You also have complete control over the content, meaning you can have a consistent tone and word everything to fit your brand. In an article provided by the Red Ink Collection, brand awareness, lead nurturing, customer retention, customer service and proves value are listed as five benefits of content creation.

However, created content also has some disadvantages too. It can be pretty pricey and takes up a lot of time. People could plagiarise your content and not give you credit, meaning you lose any traffic or reach the content could’ve helped with. Posting created content regularly can also come across overly self-promotional too – like a first date, it’s rude to go on about yourself the whole time.

Curated Content – Pros and Cons

In contrast, curated content is useful as it’s easier to share. It is time and cost effective and helps to create relationships with others. It not only makes you aware of your competition, but also links you with others in your industry too. All you have to do is discover content and share it.

According to Relevance, curating content can increase your industry knowledge, establishes trust and credibility, improves brand voice, builds brand loyalty and inspires your audience.

Nevertheless, curated content could cause your brand value to suffer as it’s not in your control completely. There could be legal problems if the right people aren’t accredited for their work and SEO may suffer too.

Settle on a Mix

Therefore, the content you share on social media should be a mix of both curated and created. The two combined can help improve brand identity and create trust between you and your audience. Content helps visitors stay on websites for longer and connects you with like-minded people. Through sharing both, you establish yourself as an expert in your industry and create and share content that’s valuable for others to share as well. You should always see what works best for your brand and work out the most effective way to post created and curated content to get the balance right.

Edited by Olivia Newman: July 5th 2019.

Editor - 

Olivia is a wanderlust-filled Thai food enthusiast with top-notch digital skills boosted by a masterful grasp of the English language.

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