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Did you know about Foursquares new search filters?


Eating out should be a comforting experience – a time to relax and make the most of an evening out of the kitchen, but sometimes deciding what restaurant takes your fancy can be a real struggle. Foursquare, the location based social network, has recently released new search engine filters that will help you decide the best places to visit.

Apple and Android users can now make “super – specific searches”, which will make your evening that little bit more personal. Examples of these searches include:

  • A cheap sushi place that’s nearby and open now, but that I haven’t been to yet.
  • A bar downtown that’s new to me, but that my friends have been to. Oh, and that has margaritas.

Although this update is technologically advanced and shows that foursquare are looking to innovate their services, it does pose the question of whether it is actually solving a real life problem.

Looking at the examples that Foursquare have given, the update is only beneficial when eating alone. When going out with friends or within a group, there are many different factors that contribute to choosing a venue, which Foursquare’s search criteria do not take into account such as dietary requirements, disabled access and wifi availability.

If Foursquare aims to act as our everyday decision maker, it may need to rethink its strategy.

Ben Hunt

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