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Everyone Deserves a Little Kudos

As LinkedIn releases its newest feature Kudos, maybe all social media platforms should start looking at how their sites can bring people together in a more positive way, instead of trying to reorganise news feeds.

LinkedIn’s ‘Kudos’ feature allows users to celebrate success and give their fellow colleagues a shout out on the site. Users can pick from ten categories to appreciate, including ‘Team Player’ and ‘Inspirational Leader’. However, you can also ‘Thank’ your colleague for the good advice and appreciate that someone has ‘Made Work Fun’ by organising something a little different for the team.

The Facebook Way

This idea of appreciation is what Facebook has been looking at over the past year. Despite the criticism against the social media site, Facebook has continued to up its game with constant updates that appeal to users as well as businesses and publishers. The concept of giving gratification for other people’s work started with the infamous Facebook ‘like’. Individuals can literally like what their friends are doing or what triumphs they’ve accomplished.

Tweeting Success

Similarly, with Twitter, you can retweet another user’s tweet if you want your followers to see it or even like it to show appreciation for their 240 characters…maximum. It’s a strange world when you come to think about it – people used to verbally approve of someone’s actions or charitable work, but now we can simply virtually donate or comment a ‘congratulations’. ‘Thank you’ cards have been replaced by a quick response on Facebook Messenger and instead of talking face-to-face with staff members, employers can simply send an email of gratitude in their place. Although the digital world has made a lot of things easier, including communication, social media sites must not forget the importance of real human interaction. It is good to be as human as possible on the web, as that is what people value the most.

Someone Give LinkedIn Some Kudos

LinkedIn’s new feature Kudos aims to make people feel good about their day, in a different way to Facebook and Twitter. It’s not just the case of someone writing a status about how terrible the weather is and their friends liking it. Kudos is supportive and beneficial and allows LinkedIn users to thank their colleagues for their hard work and give ‘kudos’ to those who deserve it.

This feature taps into a real human connection; when we work hard, we want our efforts to be noticed. When someone’s good work is acknowledged and rewarded, that person is a lot more likely to repeat the good behaviour and continue to work productively. Everyone loves a thank you – whether it’s when you hold a door open for a stranger or when you buy a hot dog from a food stall. Wishing someone to have a nice day is simple yet effective and letting someone know you’re proud of what they have achieved is a real mood booster for everyone involved.

Now, many businesses have utilised a more remote working style, meaning employees are seeing each other less and less. Therefore, LinkedIn’s Kudos is there to push people to give gratitude to their fellow peers and to make their day a little brighter, whether they are working from home or across the desk.