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Facebook Polls

What Are Facebook Polls?

Facebook polls have been around for a while now and they’ve become increasingly popular on both Facebook and its partner Instagram, and it’s easy to see why. Not only are polls interactive and fun, they also get people to engage with your posts and help mix up the variety of the content on your business page.
How Do I Create a Facebook Poll?

Creating a poll is simple. You just go to your Facebook Business page, click where you’d usually write your post and select poll from the list of options below – the list has definitely expanded since the start of Facebook content creation. After you choose poll, you’ll get to write your question in the space above then edit your options and image. You can also select how long you want the poll to run for, from one day, to one week, to a customised duration of time.

Along with the poll, you can add a feeling/activity, check into a location and tag a product you are selling. The poll can then be published to your Facebook Story or your business’s News Feed.

How Many Options Can I Add?

At the moment, you can only select two options for your poll – that’s two answers your audience can pick from. However, you can add a photo or a GIF to go with a response too that will make the post more aesthetically pleasing.

On the other hand, polls in Facebook Groups can have more options, which is valuable for businesses who want to ask their audience a question where they need more than two responses to select from. The process of creating a poll in a group is the same.

Are Polls Anonymous?

The polls aren’t anonymous, so if you’re thinking about voting on something that you do not want people to know your answer to, it’s best to avoid those difficult questions. Both the creator of the poll and those who have voted will be able to see your response.

However this is great for businesses, as a page admin will be able to see who has voted and discover the opinions of their audience.

Can They Be Promoted?

Polls can not yet be promoted. Certain post types cannot be boosted and polls are one of them. There are lots of reasons why posts cannot be boosted, including an ‘unsupported post type that won’t drive business value’ and ‘attempting to boost a post that includes expired or old content’. Polls may come under both these restrictions because they aren’t directly advertising your product or service, might be misleading and eventually will stop running, so will become quickly outdated.

What are the Benefits?

Facebook polls have been known to increase engagement, improve reach and help to tell you more about your audience and what they like or dislike. They help to build relationships, make your brand more personal and fun and attract attention and stand out against the dull photo and link posts businesses usually share.

Looking for help with Facebook polls for your Business Page? Get in contact with us today.