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Five Businesses that have used Social Media to Thrive

Businesses who used social media to thrive

Social media is a fantastic tool for your business, as it can increase brand awareness, build new contacts and create long lasting relationships with your target market.

Here are five examples of businesses that have thrived from the use of social media, hopefully inspiring your business with some simple but effective techniques!

1. Three Mobile

You may associate Three Mobile with a poor reputation for customer satisfaction, however they sure know how to engage with their audience. Their latest impressive marketing venture presents the ‘Sing it Kitty’ advert, featuring a little girl riding around on her bike singing Starship’s rock classic “We Built This City”. Despite the simplicity of the advert, the advert gained widespread popularity and quickly spread across digital platforms.

The subsequent ‘Sing it Kitty’ app has also proved to be a hit, with technology allowing you to replace the girls face with a photo of yourself. Not only is this comedy gold for us at home, but Three are cleverly exposing their brand cheaply as the nation post their hilarious results on social media using the hashtag #SingItKitty. Three really have nailed it again, proving how social media can work in your favour, and how a little bit of fun goes a long way.

2. Nando’s

Not only do Nando’s know chicken, they also know social media. With close to 4 million likes, the Nando’s UK Facebook page shapes its content to fit the interest of its young customer base. Posts include GCSE and A level good luck messages, and Bestival ticket giveaways. Nando’s are always making sure they are interacting with their target audience on a more personal level.

Similarly on Twitter, Nando’s takes pride in responding to mentions, offering give-aways and making sure the relationship between the restaurant and the customer is firmly cemented. It is lucky for Nando’s that most fans are doing the marketing for them, whether it’s checking in at Nandos online, or tweeting a picture of their meal, Nando’s thrives on social media for brand exposure and to maintain its notorious reputation.


ASOS is one of the most popular UK retail brands, with 3 million fans on Facebook, they lead above their competitors Topshop and New Look. Most of the content on the ASOS Facebook page promotes its new range of clothing and sales items, with each post usually receiving hundreds of likes and comments. ASOS, again, pride themselves in ensuring they reply to customers with any queries in order to build a relationship and improve brand loyalty.

A particular ASOS success was the #bestnightever Christmas campaign which intended to increase sales whilst deepening brand engagement with fashion-loving young girls. By utilising social media, ASOS posted music videos, celebrity interviews and styling tips to help make the #bestnightever, where customers were encouraged to tweet in their own versions. The campaign proved highly successful and increased its social media audience by 12% in 8 weeks, proving again the power of social media and the infamous hashtag.

4. Nike

The company that told you to ‘Just Do it’ is now making sure you ‘just do it’ through the use of social media. Focusing in on digital marketing, Nike has expanded through Twitter, Facebook and their own specific social network Nike+. Through these social media channels, Nike has introduced several products and services under the brand Nike+. With Nike owning the data and providing the services for their customers, their brand loyalty is constantly increasing, encouraging customers to buy more products. Also on Twitter, Nike has one of the most active customer service feeds, operating in order to resolve product questions and technical needs. This dedicated customer service feed also answers hundreds of questions per day, a simple way of satisfying customers. After all…nobody wants to be stuck on hold on a phone for hours!

5. Red Bull

Lastly, Red Bull is a prime example of how a brand has thrived significantly with the help of social media. With over 43 million likes on Facebook, the Red Bull page consists of images and videos of extreme sports and athletes sponsored by Red Bull, promoting its brand image as a lifestyle choice rather than just an energy drink. Their strategy, which is different to other competitors, proves to be highly successful through posting these extreme stunts. Debate has sparked by fans on social media sites, which in turn raises awareness for the brand. Red Bull demonstrates through social media how they can reach a massive audience and don’t have to bombard customers with product advertising to get their attention.

By content assistant – India Minns – @indiaminns

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