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businesses that use social to thrive

Social Media Case Study: Four Businesses That Use Social to Thrive

In our social media case study collection, you can see a quick overview of how some of the world’s biggest businesses use social media to thrive. You’ll learn how Tesco, Disney, Costa Coffee, and Amazon all use social media to achieve their objectives. Additionally, we have links to full, in-depth case studies for each of the four businesses.

Social media is a fantastic tool for your business to thrive. It can increase brand awareness, build new contacts and create long-lasting relationships with your target market. Here are five examples of businesses that have thrived from social media:



Whilst Tesco has seen its fair share of controversy and sticky moments on social media, we can’t deny that they handled it well. It’s not a brand that’s afraid to poke fun at itself and its customers, which seems to be par for the supermarket course, especially on Twitter. We’re ready and waiting with our popcorn when Aldi and Tesco battle it out again on Twitter. Here’s hoping for another Cuthbert situation!

Want to check out a deep dive of Tesco’s social media strategy? Check out our case study here.



Disney’s engagement plan for its social media profiles is based on two key principles:

The first is to reach families and Disney enthusiasts, encouraging them to share content and the second, is to get guests talking about the content and sharing it beyond their own profile. Although people who don’t have young children may not realise it, Disney is a huge and very important model that is well worth following when learning how to conduct a business across a number of social media platforms.

To get a full understanding of how Disney uses social media to grow their following, check out our case study here.


Costa Coffee

Costa Coffee is one of the UK’s leading coffee brands, so it’s safe to say it’s built up a bit of a name for itself. From what we’ve found, Costa uses social media in two primary ways: engaging with its existing customers with witty and entertaining content and also, using YouTube, publicising its many advertising campaigns. This combination, whilst simple, seems to be really working for Costa!

See our full case study for a deep dive into how Costa Coffee uses social media.



As the largest online retailer in the world, it’s no surprise that Amazon has to deal with a plethora of customer feedback, both positive and negative, on a daily basis. And it’s exactly this that Amazon primarily uses its social media presence for. Of course, it also makes use of platforms like Instagram to share updates and trailers for new shows and movie releases, but the primary function of Amazon’s social media presence is to respond to customers’ questions, queries, and complaints.

You can see a deep dive into Amazon via our case study.

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