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How can you make money from your blog?

How Can You Make Money from Your Blog?

Blogging is increasingly becoming more popular. With more and more people blogging it makes you wonder what they are all getting out of it. As well as the pleasure blogging can bring it can also create a few extra pennies for those rainy days. How? you may ask. There is no one way to make money from your blog, but there are a few:

Sell your space

Selling advertising space on your blog can be a great way to make money. Many advertising companies will buy ad space off you if your blog content matches what they have to offer or if you have created a well-known niche blog. A lot of the money you can earn from this may depend on how many readers/viewers are clicking on the ads shown for further information, so to ensure maximum money is made through selling advertising get your blog as widely known as possible and pick the right ads to fill your space.

Affiliate Marketing

Getting involved with affiliate links such as Amazon for example, is another way you can earn money from your blog. It works in a similar way to selling advertising space (pays per clicks) but once you have done the hard working finding the affiliate links, the rest is easy, just let the advert do what it does best. Earn you some money.

Sell yourself

Blogging about a certain passion you may have seems to be the craze at the moment. When the time is right remember you can blog about everything you have to offer service wise and maybe even previous work. This can generate new work for you and in the long run make you some money.

Write reviews

Writing reviews on certain products for example can be another easy blogging technique to make bucks from blogging. Some companies may pay you for writing reviews which hope to sell their products at the same time as earning you some money and they may even chuck in some freebies for you to review. Win-win.


For some lucky people companies may contact you to discuss a flat rate of payment for hosting their ad on your blog. You can make this known to companies through showing you are willing for this happen somewhere on your blog and they may get in contact if they like what they see.

Once you have created a platform for your blog to stand on a lot is possible in terms of making money. The hardest part is getting your blog to this level. Once you have reached this then offers from companies may start to appear and you can apply to affiliates and sponsors etc showing off what your blog is all about. Some will say you can’t earn from blogging but sometimes you just have to ignore people and believe me, blogging can make bucks.

By Alice Gilder (@AliceGiraffeSM) – Social Media Content Assistant

Edited July 2020

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