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If Social Networks were Celebrities who would they be?

Now for a bit of fun…who would each social network be if they were celebrities?
Facebook – The Queen

Who’s ruling us? The Queen or Facebook? These days I think both have as much power as each other. The queen of social networking sites, Facebook is so familiar today with everyone having at least some idea of it. The Queen is in the same position, whether people like her or not they still know something about her. It’s the same love or hate Facebook you still know enough about it to base your opinion on.

Twitter – Alan Carr

The chatty aspect of twitter has to be Alan Carr. His fun, lively and chatty personality parallels everything Twitter stands for. With opinions on latest news and gossip I can’t help but think of Alan Carr’s show Chatty Man which focuses on similar topics you may find on Twitter. Alan Carr is also a widely loved man, same goes for twitter. Alan Carr and Twitter are a perfect match.

LinkedIn – Sir Alan Sugar

LinkedIn has Sir Alan Sugar written all over it. The professional network has to be paired up with Alan Sugar for one simple reason they both could determine whether ‘you’re hired’ or ‘fired’.

Pinterest – Lady Gaga

The randomness of the things you can find on Pintrest just strikes me to be Lady Gaga like. Even though the idea of Pintrest is to organise the things the love the variety of interests is huge creating huge boards of such random loved things. Random and loved? See that just has to be Lady Gaga. And who knows Lady Gaga maybe be organised, we just don’t know it.

Tumblr – Victoria Beckham

Tumblr is often kept quiet about but is all about the image. Victoria Beckham is similar in the way she lives her life. Her and her family seem to live a privately quiet life but she’s booming in the fashion industry. She’s our Tumblr; not often heard about but known for its creative image.

Snowglo – One Direction

Giraffe’s very own produced social network by our very own Simon Cowell and Louis Walsh. This makes Snowglo… Don’t laugh, One Direction: it has been put together by two of the most talented names around; it started as a dream and is only going to become more popular as it gets older.

By Alice Gilder (@AliceGiraffeSM) – Social Media Content Assistant

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