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How Does Amir Khan Use Twitter?


Amir Khan is one of the best young boxers in the world today and certainly one of the best that Great Britain has produced. His name has become synonymous with Olympic success and he is generally thought of as being a good guy who’s also known for his charity work with organisations such as the NSPCC and the Great Ormond Street Hospital.

His Twitter feed is, unsurprisingly, extremely popular and follows a significant pattern. Like many other celebrities on Twitter, Amir doesn’t tend to do a lot of responding to fans and, instead, uses Twitter like a diary with which he keeps his fans updated on his movements. He includes photos with nearly every tweet and these range from images of him with his family, to professional images of him during and after winning fights. These photos are an excellent way for Amir’s fans to feel connected to their idol by being allowed an ‘all access pass’ to his life. Recently, he has posted photos of himself training and others where he is playfully training with his young daughter, another of him at a meal with his family, and others of his parents collecting an award on his behalf.  It is clear that this is a young man with a clear set of principles and priorities.

Amir was involved in a Channel 4 show called ‘Angry Young Men’ which sought to help boys who were getting into trouble with the law and lacking direction in their lives to find a better path with the discipline of boxing and the assistance of faith and family values. You can see that these are beliefs which Amir lives his life by just by looking at his Twitter timeline: he is a positive Muslim role model for young men in Britain today. He shares the love too by often tweeting his friends with positive messages of well wishes or gratitude. He is clearly a man who has more than just professional pride and his Twitter feed demonstrates him to be someone who takes an enormous amount of pride in all positive areas of his life.

He also uses the re-tweet function a lot. This shows him to be a man who wishes to use his fame for good by furthering positive messages and news. For example, he regularly re-tweets promotions for charity events – something which is clearly close to his heart. Furthermore, he congratulates and supports hi friends and family by promoting them too – his trainer, Virgil Hunter, appears in a lot of the photos, for instance.

All in all, Amir Khan uses Twitter in a very positive way: sharing aspects of his personal life with his fans, promoting excellent causes and important messages, encouraging young people to get involved, demonstrating the virtues of hard work and effort, and generally living a positive and harmonious existence. His timeline is filled with re-tweets and photos, as well as shout outs to his friends and colleagues offering them support and love. It is an excellent collection of tweets, which show him to be an excellent person and role model.

Photo Source:By Chamber of Fear (originally posted to Flickr as Khan/Malignaggi) [CC BY-SA 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

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