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How should hotels use social media?

How Should Hotels Use Social Media?

Social media is an important tool when it comes to the communication between hotels and guests, it’s an easy way to receive reviews from customers on ways you could improve your service or even just a little pat on the back to tell you how well you are doing.

There are some important reasons why hotels should be using social media…

Engage with your guest

Make sure you look after your guest even after they have left, when they take the time to become a fan of any of your social pages, make sure your keen to show an interest in them too, this could be as simple as when they leave a comment make sure you like it and comment back. This simple community management exercise will help the customer to feel appreciated, and tell them that you valued their visit as much as they valued the stay at your hotel. It can help to make the relationship between customer and hotel feel friendlier.

Upload Photos

Beautiful photos are the best way for a hotel to truly show what they have to offer to their potential guests. Have your best bits on show from your swimming pools to bedrooms display – the reasons why guests should choose you. This is an important factor when it comes to social media and hotels, as there is no better way for the guest to see what is in store than visually. This will give the guests a good reason to book with you if they are impressed by the images you show as they have first insight to what is in store.

Stay up to date

Try to keep your social media pages up to date! This includes photos of the hotel, contact information, prices, address, maps – EVERYTHING! Make sure content isn’t from months ago, but is as relevant as possible, this way guests can see what’s in store for them and have entertainment to look forward too! There is not much point in having a social media page unless it is as well looked after as your hotel is, as guests do not have a reason to follow you if you don’t publish updates.

Use social media to tell your Hotels story

Basically, give the guests a reason to stay. Tell them a story of why you personally feel your hotel is worth the visit and tell stories of previous guest’s reason to stay. This will give your hotel a personal touch making every guest feel you are unique service and that they themselves are apart of a story of a successful business that will continue.

Rebecca Howell – Social Media Content Assistant – @beckihowell  

Edited October 2020

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