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How to Avoid Controversy on Social Media


There is no doubt that social media is a great tool that allows a freedom of speech – in what is such a loud world it allows you to put a megaphone to your own voice! It’s one of the main aspects that helped us to love it in the first place. However, you’d be surprised to see how quickly things can spiral out of control…

If you accidentally get involved in a controversial conversation on your personal account, then that can lead to personal trouble and your personal reputation being ruined. That would suck.

Know what would suck more? If all of the work you put into developing your business’ brand online got undone because you accidently fell into a controversial conversation.  It happens. It’s happened to us. Here are the tips you need to read so that it doesn’t happen to you!

Read the WHOLE conversation.

If you’re going to join in a conversation between two other people, don’t just read that last tweet/comment, and voice your opinion. Make sure to read all of the prior conversation, because it may seem like two people are joking around when really they are arguing. The last thing you want is to get involved in someone else’s argument. There are no winners if this happens.

Avoid: Religion and Politics.

You don’t need to talk about these things. So don’t. Everyone has strong beliefs about these two topics, and their beliefs are very important to them. Don’t challenge them. Unless your business is a church or a political campaign account – you just don’t need to touch these areas.

Try not to be too opinionated.

People who are opinionated will split people down the middle. If you agree with someone who is passionate about their opinions then you will respect them and admire them. However if you don’t agree then you’ll hate them. So, keep your opinions light hearted and make sure to appreciate other people’s inputs. This is a very likeable quality. Don’t be too opinionated.

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