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Exactly How Dead is MySpace?


*** Update, January 2016: This article is now more than a little outdated, but still worth the read for the pure nostalgia factor alone. If you’re wondering what happened to Myspace, our more recent article “Anybody Seen Tom…” might be more use to you… ***

Saying Myspace is dead may be a little harsh –  deserted could be fairer. But where did we all go to? Well, the short answer to that question is Facebook and Twitter…

Even though these networks are similar to Myspace, we all seemed to leave our Myspace days for the next steps of social networking – a bit like a social coming-of-age. Saying that, the music aspect of MySpace still lives on and many hardcore Myspace users are still using it for that reason alone. Merely accessing the sites home page results in a barrage of music related advertisements. Music is a big theme when networking on MySpace and really the only thing that is keeping it alive.

Myspace has obviously been left behind compared to other social networks. With the constant reminders to ‘like’ on Facebook’ or to ‘hashtag’ on Twitter, the buzz surrounding Myspace has all but been lost. But those who are loyal do still use the network – we just simply don’t hear about it as much as other social networking sites.

Just who has left?

It’s not just kids that have up and abandoned their Myspace accounts – but also those from the professional world as well. With networks like LinkedIn and Google+, they all moved on way before the youngsters did.

Myspace are showing the strain. The company have undergone many changes in order to try and restore user’s faith in the network and are now even involving Justin Timberlake as a part owner, to help revamp the idea and promote further.

Maybe, just maybe, we will find our love of Myspace re-kindled in the future…

– By Alice Gilder (@AliceGiraffeSM), Social Media Content Assistant

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