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If Social Networks were Popular Holiday Destinations


Obviously, we’ve all found ourselves wondering which social networks tally up with popular holiday destinations. It’s a natural thought progression. So, where will you go on holiday today?!


Facebook is Spain. It just is. Everyone has been there. Whether they’ve been to the tourist bits (the memes that pop up five times in a row on your newsfeed – you know the ones: they usually contain a minion with a sassy catchphrase or something), or the more cultural locations like Barcelona (we all have that friend who insists on posting carefully crafted (filtered) shots of their pasta), or the beach (‘legs or hotdogs’, anyone?). Facebook is Spain, in every respect of that comparison.


Linkedin, as the web’s business hub, has to be New York City. NYC is home of the never-ending, always moving, busy and savvy businessman. You can’t walk its streets without being propositioned by people trying to sell you all sorts of things. New York screams success and exciting prospects, a lot like Linkedin’s job listings where every English graduate can secure a job in publishing.


Snapchat is Ibiza. It’s fast, loud, a bit silly, and it’s fun. Its sole existence is for fun and mindlessness. Send a photo – be it rude, embarrassing, silly, or humdrum – and it disappears within seconds. Photography, arguably, is one of humanity’s most sincere art forms and yet Snapchat undermines that by eliminating the ‘capture the moment forever’ sentimentality and introducing the ‘send something cheeky and you won’t have to regret it’ mind set – much like Ibiza’s ‘kiss me quick’ attitude.


Twitter is London. Londoners like things quickly and they don’t have enough patience for any nonsense. They like things clearly stated, like their tube maps, and they like things fast, like their tube trains, and they like things a bit gritty and dirty, like their tube stations. Twitter is all of those things. It’s flirty, it’s quick, it’s sexy. London is all of those things too. Plus, everything in London is categorised by hash tags. True story.


Pinterest is Sweden. Home of Ikea and simplistic design, Pinterest is also the home of such things – DIY, arty, crafty projects which are designed to give your home an organised and beautiful air with little to no cost. Full of handy hints and ideas, Pinterest represents Sweden’s simplicity and beauty in an effortless and stylish way.


YouTube is Brazil as it’s a true celebration of human life. Brazil is vibrant and colourful and exciting and fresh. YouTube, too, is all of these things with its constantly evolving content. However, Brazil often demonstrates the best and worst of humanity too though – its poverty can be quite striking when contrasted with the colours of carnival. Equally, YouTube can have a similar effect when you scroll down to its unkempt and often wildly composed comments section. The illiteracy on display is as grounding as it is shocking.


Last but not least, Tumblr is San Francisco. It’s full of the quirky and the queer. It is the home of creative and alternative people with clear vision and a love of all-things nerdy.

MySpace is Atlantis. Obviously.

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