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Make your Facebook page look amazing

Make Your Facebook Page Look Amazing

We have seen too many Facebook pages where companies just throw a bunch of text in a status and expect their fans to ‘like’ it. That is a Facebook faux pas. Your Facebook page is the virtual scene for your fans to hang out. They interact, discuss, promote and stay alert with your business all in one place. Which is why you need to make your Facebook page look amazing.

Creating a page is the least of your problems, as soon as your register your company, a Facebook page is the freebie the sales associate throws in. But the important thing, is how your maintain it, nurture it and style it. Here we are going to look over the top 5 things you can do as a business to make your Facebook page look amazing.


Pictures are worth a 1000 words, so use them. Adding pictures of the work your company does or provides helps to illustrate to your fans the calibre of work you’re able to provide. It’s all good and well that as a graphic designer you can produce anything from invites to shop front logos but really flaunting images of the art work you did for a new milkshake bar can really captivate potential clients. Images become viral in our visual world so if you want more people to ‘like’ your posts and share them too, it’s key to be artistic, creative and visual. They’re the easiest way to make your Facebook page look amazing.

Cover Photo

Every fan page runs on the Facebook Timeline and the cover photo gives your company a chance to effectively utilise it. Everyone who visits your fan page will notice your cover photo. It’s bigger than anything else and sits right at the top of the fan page for a reason. A recent eye tracking study for Mashable showed that visitors will be looking at the photo in .5 seconds or less. But remember, the cover photo is NOT a billboard. People don’t want to see any promotional material first; after all, the entire fan page is an open advertising tank.

We suggest considering a cover photo that is an epitome of your product, even anthropomorphising your brand, showing human interaction. People connect emotionally and what better way than with your company. Try and marry the 180 pixel profile photo and with the 850 x 315 cover photo and see if any visual designs can fuse between them.

Custom Tabs

Be creative and make use of the elements Facebook gives you to pull in your own custom content as well as the standard apps like ‘photos’ and ‘likes’. The tabs are first bits of information a visitor will see when visiting your fan page, so you have to keep them visually appealing. Link the tabs to promotions your business offers, upcoming events and news, online videos and even an about me section to get personal with the visitor. It’s the easiest way to promote and draw traffic on your fan page and generate more ‘Likes’.


It’s becoming increasingly important to have an online presence no matter what you do. For businesses, it’s becoming a norm to use multiple networks to interact with their customers with Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr and Linkedin.  So, if you’re running social media profiles elsewhere on the Internet, include them into your fan page, either as a ‘custom tab’ or in your about me section, even dedicate a post to it – with relevant imagery of course.


If you’re on these networks, it’s for one thing – to be active with your consumers. One thing that many businesses fail at is not keeping their online presence updated. Keep using them, this will increase your marketing potential and grab a more followers. It’s vital to set aside time and update your fan page with exclusive information. Do this daily, weekly, every fortnight or just a handful of times a week. The reason you have followers on your fan page is to hear about the latest activity from your business. People are nosey, people want more information, and it’s what keeps the world going round.

But be careful about what you do update. NEVER repeat posts or update the same thing daily. This is what bores a fan and eventually they’ll have enough. It’s like being on a blind date. You always want to tease with new and exciting bits of information to keep them interested. The power is in your hands.

– By Meera Patel (@MeeraPatel18), Social Media Content Assistant

Edited 23/06/20

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