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Our Guide to Email Marketing Mastery: Constructing your Email

For small and medium sized businesses, email marketing should be an integral part of any digital marketing strategy. We created our guide to email marketing mastery to give you a better grasp of the finer details and help you tap into your business’s potential…

In part one of this series of articles we gave you an idea of the sort of thing that you should do before you begin your email marketing efforts and part two focused on building your recipients. However, in this article we focus on physically constructing your email. This comes once you are happy with your database and you have a good grasp of what your competitors are offering. Then, it’s finally time to build your campaign. The look, feel and content of this depends entirely on your objectives and your voice.

Deciding on your objectives

What do you want to achieve from your email marketing efforts? Each campaign needs to be targeted with specific objectives in mind.

Crafting a great message

Whatever you write, whatever your voice, do it with a certain amount of soul – make it personal. For your subscribers to read and engage with your email you need to be offering something of value that is specific to your niche. Spam-like marketing messages which do nothing but big up your company will make subscribers feel unappreciated, disengaged and ultimately lead to them hitting the unsubscribe button. Every campaign should strengthen your relationship with your consumer. This means crafting content that is individual, specific to your industry and actually interesting; something that inspires sharing with their immediate network – thus advancing your reach.

Email structure & design

Email structure and design depends completely on your brand, what you want to achieve, the amount of content you want to include and the expertise of your designer. For some campaigns, a simple design does the trick much better than some more intricate options – do some research and experiment with templates until you get something that you like, and then ask for peer feedback from your colleagues.

Email subjects and A/B testing

A great email subject should create intrigue and promise a benefit – leading to the best open rate possible. Concentrate on your industry rather than company and consider incorporating action into the title. With A/B testing you are able to try two separate email subjects on a small proportion of your database, with the rest receiving the email subject that has the best response from that small proportion. For example, you could test one benefit driven subject line such as “Get the Most out of Small Storage Space” alongside an industry driven subject line such as “Interior Design Insider News” and the majority of your database would receive the winning combination.

Network integration

Your social networks, website and newsletter should all be integrated, so at the very least, make sure you have links to these included. How much content is shared across each channel and the amount of integration you have is up to you. A call to action leading to landing pages will be a key consideration in terms of analysis, and you need to decide how you are going to measure conversions, which again will vary depending on your objectives for the campaign.

Testing, times & dates

Testing is a vital measure before you launch any campaign in order to check links, proof copy and identify any possible coding issues. Loads of studies have been conducted into optimum time and dates for email campaigns; our suggestion is just to conduct your own! Test some major variations – consumers’ reactions vary hugely depending on the nature of your industry or even your brand. Discover for yourself when you get the best response. You may very well (or may not) be surprised. Platforms like Mailchimp and StampReady will let you send test emails to yourself, import huge lists of email addresses into the sites to make your life easier and will let you know the rests of your campaign too, so you can compare.

That’s all for part 3 of our Guide to Email Marketing Mastery – check our our fourth and final instalment “Analysing your Email Marketing Campaign”.

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