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Social Media – A Megaphone that Empowers Consumers


It really wasn’t that long ago that if a consumer had something to say about a product then their only option was to look for an address on the back of the box and write the company a letter. But now that’s all changed. Social Media has put a megaphone to the consumer voice – and brands have no choice but to start listening…

Social Networking is the perfect platform for campaigning. All an individual needs are basic writing skills and a passion to get something changed and they can become the modern-day equivalent of an Orator on Speakers Corner (without the overpowering cosmopolitan din of London to compete with). Campaigning on Social Media can actually gain traction in the public eye far quicker than public speaking ever could. This is because the people who are listening are people who have already expressed an interest in what you’re saying – by actively seeking it.

Social Networking Empowers the Consumer Voice

Social Networking isn’t just perfect for developing awareness of causes. The element of campaign-ability that it allows for can also be directly transferred into the relationship between product and consumer. Many traditional forms of Marketing were once established in a way that was geared towards organisations/companies having a voice, while consumers were mostly passive. Where traditional Marketing is concerned, it often took a great deal of effort on the consumer’s part to get themselves heard – many resorting to just not purchasing products any more.

Social Media is a completely different ball game. Social Networking gives consumers direct access not only to companies but also, in many cases, to the people who manage those organisations, from product development all the way up to CEOs. They also have complete access to provide and receive reviews and recommendations from other consumers. As networks and comment grows, producers have had no choice but to supercharge their customer service skills in response.

It’s good news for Consumers and for Producers

A consumer’s ability to be heard on Social Media allows companies to see – and act on – comments by their consumers. Whereas beforehand they may have lost customers, if enough “noise” is being generated about a certain aspect of their product they can alter it and not only can they maintain business, the media interest generated as a result of acting on it can transform that negative into positive marketing that commands consumer growth. The fact that consumers have a voice means that by using creative campaigns and a little coaxing they can be converted into full-blown brand ambassadors.

Consumer voice on Social Media has dramatically changed the way brands have to market – for the better

Before the development of Social Media we had to make do with brands constantly shouting about deals and not engaging on a human level. Now, as companies compete for brand awareness and advocacy by real people, they have to be creative with their strategies. They have realised that using creative content that engages their audience and encourages sharing across networks can be highly beneficial for their brand. This means that Social Media has helped to forge a far more enriching and enticing consumer experience for everyone involved.

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