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Social Media Day Set to Return on June 30th!

Yeah, that’s right – a day dedicated to social media!  Amazing.

It was set up by the amazing Mashable in 2010, as a way of recognising how social media is changing our world for the better.  Acknowledgment of how omnipresent social media is becoming is definitely called for, and we will be celebrating Social Media Day here at Giraffe.  We haven’t decided how yet…ideas on a postcard.

Last year’s day was a great success with Mashable saying that ‘hundreds of meetups involving thousands of people took place across the globe. Diverse locations such as Morocco, the Philippines and Sri Lanka hosted some of the most well-attended events, while eight cities and two states here in the U.S. officially declared June 30 as Social Media Day.’

That’s pretty incredible; Social Media Day is actually becoming a thing that is officially recognised.

If you want to get involved, head to the Mashable Meetup Everywhere page and organise your event!

What are you doing for Social Media Day?

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