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Social Media For Startups: Three Steps to Success

Three Steps to Success on Social Media for Start-Ups
1. Create Your Strategy Before Your Profile
2. Choose Your Channels Wisely and Listen to Your Audience
3. Experiment and be Willing to Evolve
Social media for startups is essential. Used correctly, it can help shape your brand, create lasting relationships with consumers and help you to reach out to potential employees.

Digital marketing budgets are now at an all time high as a result of a nation obsessed with social networking, online shopping and digital media. The nature of social means that you are able to benefit from instant feedback during the preliminary stages of your launch. Harnessing this potential is invaluable for positive evolution and cementing confidence in your brand.

So why should start-ups used social media? Firstly, social networks offer an easy, direct passage to your audience. Targeted ads mean that you can put your brand message in front of those people (who could potentially become advocates), while it is still new and innovative.

Relative to other aspects of a digital marketing strategy, social media for startups also requires less investment in order to be optimised. Social networks offer just the right amount of customisation for your brand; not so much that you require an adept coder to look professional, but not so much as to restrict you to a white-label account.

To make it easier to tap into social media for startups, we’ve put together three simple steps that can make all the difference:

1. Create your strategy before your profile

Before you get going, you need to know what you want to achieve. This means creating your social media strategy before you even get round to creating your profiles on the platforms. In order to achieve your goals, every little piece of content you include will need to stem from your strategy – and the best way to know that you have done this is to have it at the forefront of your mind before you get building.

Define your goals by setting objectives; they could be any combination of the following:

  • Building brand awareness
    All startups will, whether intentionally or not, be using their social to build awareness of their new business.
  • Distribution of content
    If engaging, unique and niche specific content is an integral aspect of your startup venture, you should be using social as a primary method of preliminary distribution, driving potential consumers to your website.
  • Increasing web traffic
    This will stem from your content, and ultimately rely on how well you have disseminated your brand identity into your posts.
  • Locating and acquiring potential customers
    The ultimate goal for most startup strategies is to locate and acquire potential customers – but to do so you must first understand which steps you will need to take to get there.
  • Sales and Generating Leads
    If you’re looking to generate sales and leads, you’ll have to take a different approach when building your strategy. Think about how your product or service would benefit your customers and why they’d want to use it.

Knowing your objectives will also help define the tonality, feel and frequency of your posts, and also the variety of audience you reach out to. These things also have roots in your brand identity. Defining your objectives will allow you to reach your goals.

2. Choose your channels wisely and listen to your audience

Not all social networks will be suitable for your objectives. Consider where the majority of your audience will be hiding. While there may be billions of users on one network, this amounts to nothing if they are not the right sort of customer for your business.

Social media can be utilised just as well as a customer service tool – a priceless aspect of building a business. Use your channels to listen to your customers and see what they have to say. Social media platforms allow you to have a focus group of potential consumers!

3. Experiment and be willing to evolve

Take advantage of these early stages of your business and allow yourself to experiment with different content styles and engagement techniques and see what works for you! Always be willing to evolve as you discover more about your industry.

Throughout the process of building social media for any startup venture, be sure to evaluate often and comprehensively. If you follow these simple tips, you are sure to be on track to getting your startup noticed – and that could happen a lot quicker than you first expect!

If your start-up or business needs any help with building and implementing a social media strategy, contact us today.

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