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Social Media in the Summer

The sun and social media seem to work in perfect unison together and if you are a business that sells swimsuits, sunglasses and flip flops, you’re in for one seriously, sunny ride. However, what should the rest of us expect from social media in the summer?

Warning to all: expect Instagram photos of lounging by pools, Snapchats of the sea and, most likely Facebook status complaints of how hot it is.

Social Media in the Summer

The sun seems to cause an outbreak on social media. People love sharing photos of their holidays or videos of themselves jumping in luxurious pools. Individuals will spend a lot more time on social media to post their pictures, but a lot less time scrolling endlessly on their news feed in the warmth of their home. Firstly, do you know how hard it is to see a phone screen in the blaring sun light? Most people will be outside during the day at the beach, enjoying the sunshine or at work staring longingly out the window. It’s a lot harder to catch someone’s attention if they’re daydreaming about the sand between their toes.

Winter Businesses: Do Not Fret

The sun doesn’t only cause sunburn, but also a flood of images of barbecues and tan lines. If you’re a company that sells deckchairs, sausages or sun cream, summer really is your time to shine. However, if you’re a brand that suffers during the summer months, it’s maybe time to latch onto a sunny strategy that will push your services and products throughout June, July and August.

Keep Your Brand Current

Find current events and use them – festivals, popular TV shows that only happen during summer, big holiday destinations. All of these are talked about, especially in the evening. Maybe it’s time to swap your scheduled posts for after 6 o’clock, meaning everyone has had time to wash off the sand and settle in for a cooler evening. Make sure you keep up-to-date in your relevant industry and ensure you’re always informed about the latest news stories too. Engage with everything, no matter how big or small and make sure your audience hears you – don’t give in to the summer slump!

Try tactics you have never though of before, like competitions or quizzes. Your business could offer a summer-related prize, or the question could be related to the hot season. Engagement is always really high on competitions and could help the post and your brand reach more people.

Change Your Audience

Trying to sell woolly hats during July, may seem like an impossible task. However, if you were originally trying to sell to everyone, maybe turn your attention to those who are going skiing, or people planning a holiday away in winter. Winter is the last thing anyone wants to think about in the summer, so it’s important to avoid the subject as a selling point. Focus on how it could benefit people in the future or be honest and humorous. It could be time to turn your attention to another service or product you offer that could help people through the summer months instead.