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What is Google+?


Google does search better than anyone – we all know that. And now they have ventured into the world of social networking with their own network, Google+. But what can it be used for, how does it work and who should be using it?

Google+ was launched towards the end of June 2011. They entered into the market at a time which means that they face an upward battle to acquire the critical mass that makes a social network worthy of being a part of for people – something which they are fully aware of.

So what is different about Google+?

In reality, Google+ could be accused of having a framework that is particularly similar to Facebook – you have a profile where you can post statuses which can be text, pictures or videos. However, the main difference with Google+ comes in that your friends are organised into ‘circles’. This allows you to separate your best friends from those work colleagues that you act like you like, but secretly despise. This video explains how it all works in a handy cartoon.

At the moment it is struggling to compete with the might of Facebook – only time to will tell to what extent it grows. However its new and it’s Google – so the likelihood is that it will become progressively more awesome over time.

What can Google+ do for your business?

You have a Facebook where people can ‘like’ your business, and a Twitter where you’re building a great targeted group of people who follow you; so what’s the point of having a Google+?  This is why…

  • Perhaps the biggest deal is that being on Google+ will really help you appear higher in Google search results. They are really plugging their new social network, and trying to grow it as quickly as possible – so they are gifting higher search results to their users.
  • People can share your page much easier, and recommend it with Google’s +1 system.
  • It’s a fast growing social network – and getting in early will allow you to grow with it – allowing you to be more established when the network becomes more commonly used.
  • You can use circles to your advantage, by grouping your customers in one circle, other businesses in another, etc. Allowing you to market directly to the people you wish to, and not just everybody.
  • Google are suggesting that being a part of Google+ will inherently help your efforts with their Google Ad Sense packages.
Giraffe can help your business be a part of Google+, as well as Facebook and Twitter.  We can run the whole show for you! Contact us now – to discuss how we can help you reach for the wider audience using social media now.

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