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Social Networks explained: What is


Chirp is a new content sharing app that allows users to share content through a new medium much different to Bluetooth, texts, email, traditional social networks, QR codes or storage services like Google Drive or Dropbox. It is much quicker than any of these methods because it does not require users to pair devices or enter contact details for who they want to share content with, all they have to do is simply ‘Chirp’!

Chirp works by uploading your content to its server. It then converts your link to the server into a series of cheeps that transmit. Your content is never permanently on the server – no permission asked and no security. Its important to recognise that there can be dangers in what you include in your content when it is so easily accessible by others.

Content that has been received via a Chirp can then be shared on Facebook, Twitter and many other social networks.

One thing to remember when sending a Chirp is that any device near you can hear your devices Chirp and is therefore able to receive whatever content you are sending; just something to bare in mind when you are deciding what to send via Chirp.CHIRP

Chirp essentially takes the concept of Twitter to a more technologically advanced level and with time, could prove itself as a widely used social networking tool for not just social networking addicts, but for companies as well.

One of the most exciting things about Chirp from a marketing point of view is that not only can devices with the app installed share content, but you can also receive chirps from anywhere that’s is a source of sound. Chirp’s huge mass marketing potential was put into practise only a few weeks ago we saw the example of a big brand harnessing the power of Chirp when Topshop used Chirp to transmit exclusive content to users via a loudspeaker at London Fashion week.

Chirp is currently available for Android and iOS devices and there are plans to bring it to Windows phone users soon. As Chirp is still building a following of users, you may need to encourage friends to get on the Chirp band wagon. At first, Chirp has a futuristic feel to sending content, but it is really very easy, simply and effective, so why not give it a go? It certainly sets itself apart from other circulating networking platforms and shows true potential in terms of business marketing as well as social networking.

By Content Assistant – Cian Egan – @NotTooCian

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