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Top 5 speakers on social media

It’s no lie that when it comes to public speaking some people are just more natural at it than others. As a recent university graduate, I’ve had experiences talking in front of people as well as watching both lecturers and peers do the same. Anyone can talk about a subject whilst reading off a piece of paper and a lot of the time the things they’re saying wont always reach you, therefore it takes a special kind of person that is skilled in really engaging an audience, making their topics come to life. The same can be said for speakers on social media platforms and if you’re looking for someone whom you can engage with and learn from, then be sure to check these people out:

Crystal Washington

Crystal Washington is by far one of the most engaging social media speakers there is. A marketing strategist and owner of the Black-Market Exchange Company, she never fails to impress her audience. She engages the audience as much as possible as well as providing some thought provoking detail into social media marketing and how it should be implemented. A key element to her speeches is ensuring that participants have fun.

Jason Falls

A member of Social Media Explorer, Jason stands out in a unique way compared to the other people on this list. It’s not his presentation style or a particular quirk that makes him so appealing, but more his ability to cover topics that can, at times, be considered controversial. His style is truly engaging and makes you question what you really know about social media. All of this combined is what really makes Jason an impeccable speaker. There is no one skill, it is a combination of skills.

Amy Porterfield


As a social media strategist and trainer Amy is arguably one of the best Facebook marketing specialists in the world. Her public speaking style is smooth, extremely simple to understand and has a quality unlike any other. Her ideas and theories really grasp the attention of the audience, seemingly without having to do much at all and overall, it makes for extremely informative and interesting speeches.

Mari Smith


Mari Smith is one of the most moving speakers on the speakers network and has an uncanny ability to express her ideas as something we can really relate to. It becomes so obvious that she has been in the exact same position as the audience at one time or another. What she does better than anybody else is motivate the people she is talking to. It is hard to pinpoint exactly how she does it, but when she speaks it feels as though you are having a one to one conversation.

Scott Stratten


What makes the Author of the best selling ‘Unmarketing’ book so unique is his enthusiasm on the subject of social media. His comedic almost eccentric approach really leaves an impression on you. His main strength is the way he hits you with information and how he uses data comparison statistics, statistics that often surprise the audience, and subsequently keep them interested.  His seminars are some of the most enjoyable to watch.


What these social media speakers provide is not simply a seminar or webinar, but an experience that is imbedded within you. Be sure to check them out, they all have their own personal YouTube accounts. It’s really worth your time.


Content Assistant – Daniel Horton – @ItsDanielHorton

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