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What is a Google Hangout?


Google hangout helps to make group conversations easier than ever, you can keep your chit chat going all day long!

This is another great service provided by the mighty Google and its all free meaning there is no need for you to save up your pocket money but you can let the fun begin! Basically, Google hang out is a free video chat service similar to other services such as Skype and Face Time but rather than just one on one conversations the powerful Google has made group interactions possible.

Google hang out is available on many different devices such as, Desktop computers, laptops, androids and iOS services.

The service doesn’t only provide you with video chat but also other functions such as, messaging service, images and sharing documents, everything you could ever ask for yet again at a touch of a button!

You create your own circle of friends on Google hangout so no need to contact the people you wish you could forget… this means it makes it easier for you to sort out your Friday night plans with your whole group of friends rather than leaving it down to Chinese whispers.

Also you can show how you feel with emojis making the service even more impressive as people can tell if you are in a great mood and ready for a video chat or feeling a bit down and know that if they try to call you they may see some mascara running down your face!

Google hangout is a great way to keep in good contact with the people you care about; the app is fast and free so there’s no reason why people shouldn’t download it today.

Google hangout keeps your conversation history, displays emojis of how you are feeling, makes group conversations easy and is overall very impressive, so make sure you have a look today!

Rebecca Howell – Social Media Content Assistant – @beckihowell  

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