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Why You Should Integrate Your Social Networks

The Internet has an uncountable number of websites, and amongst these websites are a lot of social networks. With such a variety of platforms to choose from, the need to stay connected is important for an individual to not fall behind.

Remember though, don’t create company social networks that you will never produce content for. For example, don’t link yourself up to YouTube if your company will never produce or share video content. Google + is a wise investment as videos uploaded to the site automatically upload to YouTube. This means that if you stay up-to-date on Google + you are keeping consumers happy but always have the side option to add work to YouTube.

There are many sites and apps that will help you easily connect your platforms, but do some research before you fork out the cash to use them. We’ve put together some basic words of wisdom about connecting your social media networks.


Most social networking sites allow you to connect with others. For example Instagram allows you to share your photo to Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Flickr and so on the second you upload it. It means that you can keep audiences on all platforms up-to-date and informed.

Management apps

Many apps allow you to integrate your social networks into one big melting pot. This makes it a lot easier when keeping up with things on the go. Applications such as Hootsuite may ask you to pay the piper but they allow you to schedule posts and connect everything onto one simple dashboard. This means that your social network monitoring can be more precise and informative.


It may be that a lot of your Facebook friends don’t follow you on Twitter, so why not share your Twitter account on Facebook? If certain followers really love your Instagram posts, why not share your Tumblr blog on Instagram? Don’t conform content to one site at a time. Embed content from one social networking site to another and always ensure there are links to your social networks on your website. Make it simple with a one-click step that allows users to follow or like your content.


These basic but effective tips are all great ways of connecting your social media networks. However, there are a few things to consider when connecting sites. Lets say you use Twitter for business and your Instagram is personal. Do you really want to share personal pictures on a business account? Always check that you are posting your content on the right account, or even privatise your own personal accounts for extra safety.

With the rise of social networking and the need to save time becoming more and more important, connecting your social networking accounts couldn’t be more useful.

By Content Assistant – Liam Parker

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