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10 Apps We Couldn’t Live Without!

If you were to ask me to live without my phone I just couldn’t do it. Not even for the fact I use it to communicate through texting or phone calls but because of the selection of apps we can now get our hands on.

In no particular order:


The first thing I do when I wake up is check my twitter feed on my phone. It seems like instinct to wake up and reach out on my bedside table for my phone that holds all of your tweets. Now you might not all use twitter as a sort of alarm clock like I do but I’m sure if that glorious app were taken away we would all struggle.

Met Office

Closely behind twitter my morning app routine takes me to my Met Office weather app. We all want to know the weather for the day but can’t always find the weather man’s face on our TV when we need him. Using the Met Office I can plan outfits and day plans around what I see, meaning I never leave without my needed umbrella.

Mobile Banking

With our world evolving from using cheques and bank notes to chip and pin, the mobile phone app industry has had to keep up with this. My Lloyds TSB mobile banking app is quite the saviour. I can keep myself from having an angry landlord where ever I go as mobile transfers can be made and a branch finder is available in which they use your current location. It’s not just us Lloyds customers that have an app available, most banks now offer phone apps.


On the go? Evernote is great app to store away all those thoughts and ideas that my pop into your head at the most random times. You can create notes containing whatever you like and can access them anywhere from many devices. Making Evernote one of many apps I and you simply can’t live without.

BBC News

If you answered yes to the question above then I’m guessing you don’t have much time to sit down, feet up and watch the news? The BBC News app means we can access short bursts of the most important news on our phone. It offers the ‘top stories’ for quick and easy reading of the news online, which means when you do get two minutes to stop we still know what’s going outside of our busy lives.


As much as I have personally gone off Facebook in the recent months I still can’t help myself from using my iPhone app to check the newsfeed. Even though my interaction levels have fallen with Facebook the rate I still use the app is as big as ever. It just lets me be nosey using something that I am completely familiar with.


Using a camera is now seen as rare. With the Instagram app you can upload filtered photos to share and to change the look of the photos you take of places you have been, food you have eaten or whatever you like. With more of us using Instagram the more cool things you see on there making it one of the coolest and creative apps I use daily.

Voucher Cloud

We all love a saving: this explains why I can’t live without my Voucher Cloud app. With updated deals and offers on clothing, restaurant, entertainment and much more none of us should be paying full price for anything and should be taking more advantage of what’s offered. I don’t eat out without my Voucher Cloud code.


To able to see someone on the other end of a video call to you is just amazing. Skype as a whole concept amazes me let alone the app you can use for video chats. Once again you don’t have to sit down at a laptop or computer to be able to use it, you just need to have your phone on you and ensure the person you are calling has the Skype app.


There is a big kid hidden in all of us. To say you don’t dabble in and out of games on your phone I think you’d be lying. With more and more people using travel time to unleash the child inside it’s safe to say that we couldn’t live without that games folder our phone for that bit of needed fun from time to time.

By Alice Gilder (@AliceGiraffeSM) – Social Media Content Assistant

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