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What is Flickr?

Flickr is a photo management based social network that allows users to share their photos with their friends or with the whole world if they wish!  It was created in 2004 and bought by Yahoo in 2005.  In 2011, a report said that the site had over 50 million members.  The site is used by both people sharing their work and personal photos, but also for bloggers looking for somewhere to store their images.  Here are some cool reasons why to sign up to Flickr:

Apply Filters to Photos

Just like with Instagram, you can apply filters to all of your photos.  But unlike Instagram, they won’t steal all of your photos.  Yes, I’m jumping on the ‘lets all hate Instagram bandwagon’.

Access Control

Flickr gives you the power to control who sees your photos.  This is especially important, as we live in an age where nothing is sacred and we all share every inch of our life.  Flickr allows you to take a bit of that control back.  If you just want to share your photos with your family, then that is fine – you can do it.


Flickr has several tools for organising all of your photos.  This is something that can be useful personally, rather than for the benefit of others.  The term they use is ‘sets’ – you organise your photos into sets.

So, if you’re a photoholic – are you going to sign up to Flickr now?  Or are you already a member?


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