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10 Facebook Keyboard Shortcuts You Didn’t Know About

With Facebook continuing to add new features year on year, it can occasionally be difficult and time consuming to find your way around, particularly if you’re not keen on change. One wrong click and you could end up awkwardly ‘liking’ the wrong status, or sending friend requests to the wrong people- eek.

So if you browse the world’s most popular social network on your laptop or desktop with a traditional mouse and keyboard, you can take advantage of these handy keyboard shortcuts.

To activate keyboard shortcuts, you first need to know the activation keys for your browser and operating system.


These won’t work on a tablet or smartphone, but if you’re a PC or Mac power user, you may find these shortcuts save you time each day.

My favourite has to be the shortcut made when pressing ‘8’- it takes you directly to Facebook’s Facebook page. You know, in case you wanted social media inception on the fly.

Content Assistant – Josh Hunt 

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