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How To: Integrate Your Social Media Marketing With Your Offline Marketing

We’ve reached an age where companies are more focused on seeking to increase their online presence through SEO marketing and pure interaction, but many are forgetting to realise that online and offline go hand-in-hand.
Online Marketing:
  • Real time metrics
  • Wide reach to audiences
  • Personalised consumer relations
  • Social interaction
  • Observable
Offline Marketing:
  • Wide coverage to diverse audiences
  • Demographic analytics
  • Easy to inform people
  • Creative marketing (Guerrilla)

When a company merges to the two together, it only strengthens the brand presence, reinforces their various campaigns, pushes trust, authority and credibility and boosts the company’s mark.

  • Consistency:

    Big companies pay big bux for their PR team to uphold a strong brand reputation. This goes through with the brands style too; blend the online and offline campaigns together to make everything immediately recognisable. That extends to the aesthetics of the brand (logos, audios, visuals, slogans) as well as any promotions.

  • QR Codes:

    Rising Smartphone use means consumers now have permanent online access. QR codes were made to fuse the online and offline world together. (That’s those funny square shapes with black squiggles through them). QR codes must be placed on offline media (brochures, posters etc) to make that exact promotion easily accessible. It’s just another way to make it easier for your consumer to be drawn to you.

  • Integrate:

    Don’t be ashamed to plug your companies social media on any offline media, how else are you going to grow your following? Stick a Twitter hyperlink at the end of an E-mail or a Facebook search on the back of a leaflet.

  • Investigate:

    I don’t mean Sherlock your campaigns, but continuously track operations to be able to adjust to change. Google pretty much does it for you for online marketing. Offline marketing has to be done the old-fashioned way via polls and surveys, that can pushed online too (magic right?). Analysing information is a fundamental necessity in shaping your success.

 Brands that integrate well, are the brands that consumers think of first as well as being at the top on Google. Remember, there is room for both.

Meera Patel – Content Manager (@MeeraGiraffeSM)


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