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social media for fast-food brands

How To Do Social Media For Fast Food Brands

In our newest social media guide, we’re dipping our French fries into the world of Fast Food to give you some helpful tips and tricks to add a little flavour to your brand’s social media presence! Enjoy our guide on social media for fast food brands.

Fast Food brands are regularly the source of some of the most engaging and eye-catching content on social media. The industry is booming and sometimes it can be difficult to differentiate your brand to so many of the other fast-food giants out there. The digital space of fast-food branding is open to huge amounts of creative freedom, this and the genuine understanding of your customers’ needs and wants is what will drive high engagement and have your brand killing it in the social media space.

So where do you begin? Here are a few tips on how to create the perfect recipe for your fast-food brand’s social media to be delicious:

Choose Your Platform

Social Media as an industry has a multitude of platforms for you to choose from in order to represent your fast-food brand as best you can. The platform you decide on is dependent on the type of content you want to share and who your target audience is.


 Instagram is the ultimate social network when it comes to targeting a younger demographic. More than half of its users are between the ages of 18-34, making Instagram one of the top runners when it comes to keeping your content young. For this social network, it’s all about the imagery.

Shooting, sharing and storying is what Instagram is all about and for a fast-food brand, the world is your oyster!


Twitter is all about the text, and there’s a lot you can say in only 280 characters! With over 145 million active daily users, you’ve got a massive opportunity to reach even more people.

It’s the perfect place to interact with your audience and build your brand through re-tweets, likes and a whole load of hashtags. Interacting with competitors and local businesses is also a great way to up your engagement level and increase your following which can convert into customers.

Looking for some extra Twitter tips? Check out some of our other blog posts on Twitter marketing here.


TikTok is the new kid on the block, but it has absolutely dominated the social media marketplace with over 800 million active users. This platform is all about the video content. From crazy challenges, wacky dance moves and so much more, this app is all about your creativity and grabbing your audience’s attention within a short 15-second window. If your fast-food brand is all about the video content, then this is the place to be!


Definitely one of the OG social media networks, Facebook is still ruling over the digital space with over 2.7 billion users worldwide. This platform is definitely best with connecting to an older generation of users, as well as generating both visual and text-based content.

So, if you want to create a Q&A for your fast-food fans, live stream a tutorial on your secret recipes or engage with your local community than Facebook is the place to be.

Focus on the Food

When marketing a product, there are various different techniques that you can use in order to showcase your brand to the best of your ability and communicate the message you want to portray to your audience.

In the ever-changing world of social media for fast food brands, the competition is stiff. Brands are consistently trying to one-up each other, and with so much creative freedom when it comes to the content you can create, it’s difficult to differentiate yourself on social media from other fast-food brands.

One tip that always seems to work, is to focus on the food. You’re selling a tasting experience to your customers and showcasing what you’ve got on offer will get their mouths watering and have them dreaming about your pizza pie for days on end.

One brand who is acing this technique is Taco Bell, their social media content is focused all-around their crunchy and crisp taco shells, delicious and delectable desserts and those sweet Slurpee’s that never fail to give you a bit of brain freeze, and people absolutely LOVE it!

Whilst still giving themselves the freedom to express their creative side, and enjoy a bit of playfulness, this fast-food company is killing the content creation!

taco bell social media for fast food brands taco bell food flat lay taco bell social media for fast food brands taco bell feast flat laytaco bell soft shell taco taco bell watermlon slurpee

Food Flat-Lays: A Short How-To Guide:

One way that you can ensure you’re capturing your beautiful burger in all its glory is by using flat lays.

Flat lays are an Instagrammers guilty pleasure, and they usually create some of the best content and engagement. So, we’re going to give you a few useful tips that will have your followers liking, sharing and commenting on your flavourful food content!

  1. Find your focal point.

Always know what the focal point of your image is going to be. Although you can add in some props and styling to make that picture pop, always ensure that you have one focal point that you want to draw your audiences’ eye to.

  1. Use the rule of thirds.

In photography, the rule of thirds is a type of composition in which an image is divided evenly into thirds, both horizontally and vertically. The subject of the image is placed at the intersection of those dividing lines, or along one of the lines itself. This technique helps to draw your viewer’s eye to the main subject that you’re trying to focus on.

  1. Always keep it straight

For a successful flat lay, always make sure that your camera is perfectly horizontal. Because you’ll be shooting from above, it may be worthwhile to buy a double level for your camera to make sure it stays in the correct position.

  1. Add in a little something extra

Create a depth of colour or textures within your image to make it POP! Bring your food to life by adding in a little something extra and watch how your whole flat lay will change.

Engage with your Audience

 Keeping up engagement with your audience is important for any brand to be successful. Showing your customers that you are actively interested in their feedback, thoughts and opinions of your product offering will create strong brand loyalty amongst your consumers and in turn, allow for your brand to skyrocket into success.

Liking their comments, sharing user-generated content and retweeting what they have to say are all ways in which you can keep your audience engaged.

Wendy’s is one fast-food company that keeps their customers engaged and active on their social media platforms. They have a sassy social media manager who creates some of the wittiest responses and engagement we have ever seen! They keep their content lighthearted and fun, as well as using unique ways to keep their customers interested in what they have to say.

Through engaging with your audience and creating a strong brand voice through your own content, your fast-food brand should become a raging success and help to create a strong community and a loyal customer base.

wendy fast food twitter.          wendys social media for fast food brands                 wendys fast food baconator poll

Collaborate with Influencers

 A good way to get your brand out there is to work closely with influencers within the industry.

Influencers are the here and now of online marketing, and studies show that people generally trust the opinion of influencers when making purchase decisions over that of anyone else. Finding the perfect foodie who will be able to describe all the deliciousness that you have to offer and open you up a whole new audience of customers is an awesome way to market your brand.

They create aspirational values and can generate huge amounts of leads when creating a campaign. However, it is important to consider a few specific factors when choosing an influencer to work with. Ask yourself these questions when selecting who you want to work with:

  • How engaged is their audience?
  • Does their content align with what my fast-food brand represents?
  • Do they have a genuine interest in working with my brand and vice versa?
  • Do their values match with that of my brand?
  • Would our product work with their lifestyle?

Ensuring that you consider each of these points when tackling the world of social media marketing will help to create a solid foundation for your fast-food brand to be a raging success!

Looking for a little assistance in kickstarting your social media? Why not get in touch with our awesome team at Giraffe today! We’re the social media specialists and would love to be able to help get your fast-food brand creating some real flavour!