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Which Social Networks Will Still be Around in 5 Years Time?

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**Update, December 2015: This article was written back at the beginning of January 2013 as a prediction of how Social Media would look over the next few years. Spoiler alert – some predictions were certainly misjudged. Why haven’t we removed it? Well, we made the executive decision to leave it up, partly as an example of how unpredictable Social Media can be, but mostly for pure entertainment value. Read on!…

Social media has been and will be part of our lives for more years to come. With media evolving everyday who knows what 5 years is going to for the networking industry and what exciting sites we will be connecting through.

With some dying out, some at their peak and others just beginning these are some of my 5 year predictions:


Personally I have witnessed a transition from Facebook to Twitter, and how this has now turned into the world #hashtagging #almost #everything. The twitter hashtag has virtually become human nature to our everyday social networking it allows you to discuss what others are tweeting about worldwide. To me twitter is at its peak but with such a successful network who knows what 5 years will do for them and you never know what may come up and overtake.


So, I was around 12 when my Facebook page was created, the hype was unreal during this time. But now I’m an old grandma third year student and I sort of feel that I’m growing out of my Facebook persona as the ‘youngers’ begin to take over. Are the younger generation going to keep Facebook alive as much as we did? I think Facebook will survive off its fresh faced users but may not be as pulsing as it once was.


With every Tom, Dick and Harry jumping on the blog writing bandwagon, it’s great news for Tumblr. With young demographics and blog lovers Tumblr is becoming one of the places to be. Blogs are becoming a popular way to social network and my feelings are that they are here to stay. Get on the Bandwagon; it may just be your new way of networking!


With the new business wave of job hunting/headhunted through using LinkedIn more employers may use this approach to recruit for the role. As everything in our lives is becoming digital mad why not continue this and in 5 years probably be able to see a 3D image of yourself and profile on social networks purely for job seekers. Watch this space!

Instagram & Pinterest

Are you ready for a visual networking takeover? We are becoming even too lazy to read social network feeds. With the use of Instagram and photo streams and even the bedroom wall pin board idea of Pinterest, social networks in 5 years’ time may become more visually interactive compared to the more discussion based networks we use today.

Saying all that, 5 years is like a light-year of time when it comes to modern technology, for all we know we could be tweet-agraming or whatever the craze may be from space by then.

– By Alice Gilder (@AliceGiraffeSM), Social Media Content Assistant

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