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Social Media Case Study: How Do Innocent Use It?

Although the Innocent company is due to turn 19 this year, the business certainly hasn’t become outdated, especially with their presence on social media.

In 2016, Innocent smoothies bought in a record £303.5 million is sales, with half of that amount coming from overseas. With an office in West London, how has Innocent managed to expand its drinks and products to countries such as France and Germany? It seems a big reason for these profits is down to Innocent’s social media. As their audience grows, so does their brand.

The Core of Innocent

The company was founded in 1999 by graduates from Cambridge who originally started selling their smoothie creations at a festival. They asked drinkers if they should quit their full-time jobs to make smoothies and to put their empty cup in a ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ bin. Even at the beginning, Innocent were always about the consumer’s experience.

Bursting with Fruity Humour

Innocent approach their customers like humans with a personal, friendly tone. They’ve found the right balance of humour and product sharing that often businesses struggle with. They focus more on the content of their posts than messages telling their consumers to buy their smoothies. It’s a hard place to make it to, but Innocent have somehow managed it through their satirical and playful tweets and Facebook posts. The business has developed a social sense of humour that’s good for all the family, with content that is light-hearted and dare I say it…innocent.

Taking a Bite out of Popular Culture

They know what their audience want – videos and photos of cute animals, humorous puns and posts that mock popular culture. Innocent’s social media is always on trend and they keep up to date with the latest content. For example, when Apple launched their new iPhone 6, Innocent released their own updated advertisement on their apple juice called iNnocent, claiming it to be ‘fully rechargeable’, with ‘siriously tasty apples’ and in a bottle with the ‘Roundiest Ever Technology’ and an ‘Innovative Open/Close Mechanism’.

They entwine their posts with current and even irrelevant events and days. For example, one of their most recent Facebook posts is in aid of Penguin Awareness Day, with the claim that ‘There are no penguins in any of our drinks. And there never will be’. Innocent are self-aware and acknowledge marketing clichés, such as ‘Blue Monday’, which they claimed was a day that wasn’t real, as it was invented by someone in marketing. This postmodern technique is refreshing and transparent. It’s a different way to market to a generation that honour honesty and transparency. Their office, rightly named Fruit Towers, was voted the fourth coolest office in the UK and seems to be the hub for young, intelligent staff to come up with new marketing and product ideas. The office reflects the company’s cheeky nature with park benches and fake grass floors.

Innocent’s Social Media is as Smooth as Orange Juice…with No Bits

The people in charge of Innocent’s social media respond quickly and appropriately to their customers. If a customer has a genuine complaint it is dealt with accordingly, but if an individual tweets the company something they deem unnecessary, then the company will also respond back in the same, sassy way. It’s a social media technique that is working for them, with their quirky replies often generating a lot of engagement.

Whether it’s to do with their kooky office, delicious fruity concoctions or their young generation orientated content, Innocent has become a huge social media presence that certainly won’t be blending into the background any time soon.

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Olivia is a wanderlust-filled Thai food enthusiast with top-notch digital skills boosted by a masterful grasp of the English language.

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