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What is B2B Marketing?

I remember the first time I heard the term B2B marketing, I was forced to go along to an ‘industry insider’ lecture. I had no idea what it meant and what it even involved. Back to back? Bee to bud? Bank note to billionaire? No, nothing as fun as that, but it actually means business-to-business. I know, shock horror! It outlines a business selling their services or products to another business in order to boom.

Yea, it’s not as sexy as guerrilla marketing, but it’s essential for businesses to be able to provide raw services and products without having to pimp the product to consumers and spends thousands on adverts that most people will forward with the click of their remote. In lay mans terms, businesses need to know their audiences, why, when and how they spend their money and who makes the big boss decisions.

Business to business is all about a creative and intellectual approach to create big business growth.  It’s important to build relationships and maintain a reputation that will help a business develop. There are five points, which most B2B marketers can follow to implement big changes.

  1. Create a brand message and campaign that sticks.
  2. Know the audience you’re reaching out to.
  3. Images sell products; make your projects interactive and impressive.
  4. Stay creative and consistent with new campaigns, social media, adverts etc.
  5. Have a personality! Speak to the humans in the business world.

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