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How do Apple use Social Media?


How do Apple Use Social Media
Apple has become one of the most world-renowned names in consumer electronics, cloud-based services and computer technology. Until recently the company had something of an aversion towards using Social Media for business. What is so interesting about their current Social Media strategy is that, in terms of contemporary Social Media Marketing, it just shouldn’t work…

Since its creation back in 1976, Apple Inc. has become one of the world’s leading technological innovators. Through incredible highs and astronomical lows, the company has constantly proven time and time again that they are unwilling to follow the status quo. That very reluctance to tread the same path as other successful business has been transferred directly to their Social Media channels.

The truth is that Apple are able to do, or rather not do, something completely different on Social Media purely because of what an extensive and influential corporation they are. Due to their substantial and fanatical consumer base and an astronomically large pile of partners who want to use and market across their services such as app developers, Apple use Social Media in their own way and only to their own benefit.

Very little, if any, central Social Media

When exploring how Apple use Social Media, one of the most obvious and oddest things is that they have very little in the way of central accounts. This seems to be the case across the most prominent Social Networking sites; @Apple lays completely unused on Twitter and on Facebook all you can find is an unofficial page for an “electronic equipment service” which has managed to amass over 9 million likes without any visible Social Media strategy whatsoever. This has been the case for quite some time. Apple refuse to turn their heads towards Social Networking and harness this considerably lucrative marketing opportunity at an official level.

In more recent years Apple have begun to integrate Social Media into their Digital Marketing strategy with specific services in mind – at least where their partners are concerned. For example, an active Twitter profile for their App Store has been running since September 2009, with a primary objective of marketing new apps and features; a feature offered to developers of apps running on IOS. In the same vein, similar profiles are run for Apple Music.

Twitter as a customer service tool

One aspect of Social Networking that Apple have been more willing to tap into is customer service. As an immediate communication medium that provides complete transparency, Social Media provides the perfect platform for customer service. Their Apple Support Twitter profile allows them to provide “tips and tricks when you need it most.”

Why Apple can get away with what others can’t

Apple Inc. is able to have this approach to Social Media because of the sheer size of their corporation. Unlike other companies that need Social Media to promote the launch of new products, engage with customers and make announcements, Apple’s needs are covered by other media. Because they simply don’t need to undertake a contemporary Social Media strategy, they have the freedom to make their own rules.

And also because they are Apple and that’s what they do.

What can we learn from how Apple uses Social Media

It’s generally not recommended for businesses to take too much from the way that Apple Inc. run (or rather, don’t run) their Social Media channels. But perhaps it pays heed to the fact that not all Social Networks are right for each business. Companies should be willing to invest time and energy into identify which networks are the ones that their customers hang out on, and devote a significant proportion of their Digital Marketing Strategy to those.

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