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Author: Samuel Stroud

Five types of influencer [Infographic]

Types of Social Media Influencer [Infographic]

You probably know that a social media influencer is an individual who has a certain amount of followers, and an engaged audience. They create content for various platforms, but most commonly on Instagram. There are five different types: Nano influencer Micro influencer Mid influencer Macro
The four key elements of community management infographic

The Four Pillars of Community Management [Infographic]

Community management is a vital part of any social media strategy. At the most basic level, it’s the way you use interaction via your social media channels to build and engage with your audience. Community management isn’t just a buzzword; it’s an integral aspect of

Ten More Amazing Social Media Stats [Infographic]

Can’t get enough of social media stats? Neither can we – that’s why we’ve made yet another handy infographic to round up ten more fascinating facts about all things social. Read on to find out: What percentage of brands say social media helped with their

Ten Incredible Social Media Statistics [Infographic]

We love a good set of social media statistics here at Giraffe, and today we’ve rounded up some of the most mind-blowing in a handy little infographic for you. Read on to find out: How many people use Facebook every month How many people are

5 Amazing Social Media Infographics

INFORMATION + GRAPHICS = INFOGRAPHICS. Genius, I know. This is the newest trend (along side the Harlem Shake viral video – link!) in sending out valuable information, but in an attractive way. It hit’s the idea into one’s cerebral cortex (the place where things are