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Tips for Facebook Marketing

How Much Should Marketers Rely on Facebook Metrics?

It’s not unlike Facebook to update the way they report insights to marketers. As the variety of content capabilities grow, the ability to accurately convey Facebook metrics becomes increasingly complicated. Couple that with periodical algorithmic changes and the challenge becomes even bigger. Instances of widespread

Facebook Live for Dummies

If you’re looking for the sum total of the most engaging content styles on social media, video takes the biscuit. But when you take the rate of engagement of video and multiply it by the exclusivity of live content, you get something altogether irresistible to

How are Facebook’s Newsfeed Changes Affecting Business Marketing?

It’s important that businesses are keep up to date with frequent Facebook changes, because they can affect how to approach interacting with customers and what social content to post. Facebook states that all of their changes are made to create the most positive experience for

Can we beat Facebook’s EdgeRank Algorithm?

  Editors note: Since this article was published, EdgeRank has developed and is now virtually impossible to measure as no score actually exists. As a result, caution should be taken when talking to companies or individuals who claim to be able to measure your EdgeRank.

How Often Should You Post on Your Company Facebook Page?

  So you’ve setup and started your company Facebook page, you’ve identified your target audiences, planned your content and now you’re ready to start posting… But what should you post? And perhaps more importantly – how often? Getting the balance right, especially as a business,

Beat the Reach – Facebook Organic Reach figures plummet

  So, the inevitable news is out. Facebook’s organic reach figures have plummeted in the past few months. For those of you unaware of what ‘organic reach’ is, it is basically the number of people your pages can reach from people who have seen, liked

How to get People to ‘Check In’ to your Facebook Page?

  Before we even begin to examine methods of how to get people to check into your Facebook page, I firstly think it’s important for users to understand why they should be encouraging Facebook ‘check ins’. Facebook check in acts like a digital word of

How should you prepare your Facebook page for graph search?

  As of March 2013, Facebook have begun to implement a new search tool into their interface and in July of the same year, they opened it up to the whole Facebook community. This new, embedded search engine is known as the Facebook graph search.

10 Facebook Keyboard Shortcuts You Didn’t Know About

With Facebook continuing to add new features year on year, it can occasionally be difficult and time consuming to find your way around, particularly if you’re not keen on change. One wrong click and you could end up awkwardly ‘liking’ the wrong status, or sending

The Benefits of Facebook’s New Verified Pages.

  Facebook has taken a leaf out of Twitter’s book and introduced verified pages to determine when accounts are considered to be authentic. A blue tick will appear next to the profile name when the account is verified (just like twitter) –so yes, this is