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Tag: Social Media Strategy

Social Media Tactics To Avoid

Social Media Tactics to Avoid

There are good social media tactics, there are bad social media tactics, and then there are social media tactics that you should completely avoid. Now and again, big global brands will launch a campaign that flops or release a tweet with disastrous messaging. It’s unfortunate, but it happens. However, some
Social Media Case Study: How Do Innocent Use It

Social Media Case Study: How Do Innocent Use It?

Innocent Drinks (known as innocent) is one of the most well-known smoothie and juice companies in the UK. Over the last few years, innocent have made a name for themselves as social media kings in their own right. As their social media presence grows, so does their audience of innocent
Social Media for Startups - Three Steps for Success

Social Media For Startups: Three Steps to Success

Three Steps to Success on Social Media for Start-Ups 1. Create your strategy before your profile 2. Choose your channels wisely and listen to your audience 3. Experiment and be willing to evolve. A social media presence is essential for startups and small businesses. Used well, social media can help shape your

Effective Competitor Analysis for Social Media Greatness

One of the simplest and most effective ways to ensure success for your social media marketing campaigns is through effective competitor analysis. Businesses have now grown to understand the potential that social media offers as a marketplace. However, due to it being so mainstream, many are unwilling to invest time and